Exploring Mt. Greylock


Feeling the winter blues a little early after our Thanksgiving snowstorm? Here’s a very colorful memory of this fall in New England:

In the midst of the Berkshires, Mt. Greylock is an amazing spot to relax and take in the views of the mountains and colors of the fall! Home to (some say) the best waterfall in MA, there are great hiking trails on the mountain and a wonderful lodge that you can even stay overnight in or just grab snacks from. It’s called Bascom Lodge and it’s pretty cheap if you stay in the bunk bed rooms. I stayed for one night and had the most incredible home cooked meal I’ve had in awhile (other than my mothers!). Oh, and you can also drive up the mountain (like I did) instead of hiking. 😉


The view of the town below!


On the way up the mountain, there are a bunch of look-out kodak-y moment spots perfect for photo shoots.







I had originally taken the 3 hour drive from Boston to get an epic Lunar eclipse shot. However, mother nature (once again!) foiled my plans and that night, the worst fog I’ve ever seen rolled into town! I could not see more than 5-10 feet in front of me. This shot is what I woke up to…


And this is when I retrieved my tripod from the car…


So I went back to bed and slept in….   🙂


I had been watching the weather and radar all week and that night. It was beautiful the day before and it did turn out to be a beautiful day the next (only a little bit of fog as you can see above). Regardless of not getting my eclipse shot, the trip was awesome. It was a peaceful retreat away from the city and I would definitely go again! 🙂


Boston’s Copley Farmer’s Market (just got these developed…)

Finally got a roll of film developed that I’d had since last year! I couldn’t remember what was on it and was pleasantly surprised to see some shots of copley’s farmer’s market. Being in Hartford, CT for business for the past few weeks and for the future few months, away from home, I’ve come to really appreciate Boston and realized how much I love it there. It’s only until you leave something that you realize how good you had it, no?

I shot these with a Canon AE-1, which is a great beginner film camera, you can get them super cheap on ebay! I also used a Kodak TMax or TX film professional 35mm, or something like that and it came out really nice, I actually started shooting with Ilford and I prefer the Kodak, but that also could have been because i was using a cheap Ilford haha 🙂 I love film cameras since they are so cheap compared to DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras, but it does cost more to develop film and scan images, instead of just downloading from a SD card into your computer. I think its worth it 🙂 Do you?