Starting a 365 iPhone Project…From Behind…

I may have to extend this little project until January 6, 2016 (ah!). Is that allowed? Well, technically it’s MY project, right? So I am making the rules, yeah!

Rule #1: There is no judgement in the 365 iPhone Project. I am simply making a commitment to get out there everyday and try to photograph something interesting or something ordinary in an interesting way. 😀

Rule #2: I won’t post everyday, although I might, but I’m thinking I take a photo everyday with my iPhone, and then post a weeks worth on my website, all at once. I like this rule making business! besides, I don’t want to annoy the heck out of the very small number of people who may be reading this. Hi Mom! 🙂

Rule #3: Have fun and get creative (aka, download as many free camera and photo editing apps as I can find on the app store) haha, just kidding….but really.

Now let’s see how far I get…Has anyone ever finished one of these projects?


Published by

Molly Kate

Hi there! I am a Boston based photographer who loves to photograph different people, places, and things all across the world. Meeting and learning about other people and cultures enraptures my attention like nothing else and in this I find the joy of life. Connection. Connection with others, with places, with the energy of the world! This is what drives me to photograph, to capture a small piece of my experiences to remember them by and share. Cheers!

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