iPhone 365: First 15!

This challenge is hard! And I’ve only been doing it for less than 15 days…

Doing this with the iPhone certainly makes it a lot easier than carrying my camera around. I can shoot quicker, be more reactive, more flexible. 🙂 Some of these places I can go back and shoot with my camera when it’s fixed, but some of these moments are irreplaceable. The awesome thing about moments is that you will never have another one quite like the one you are currently experiencing. Uniqueness is a cornerstone of our world. Unique people, unique moments. The amazing thing of the camera is that we can capture those unique moments to remember and relive as many times as we want.


Day 6: Snow in Boston


Day 7: Ice in Castle Island


Day 8: Boston Common Fountain at Night

Cmas is over _(

Day 9: Christmas Trees go to the garbage. 😦


Day 10: Joe Pug with the Devil Makes Three Concert! Woo!


Day 11: Pre-work week candlelight reading and relaxing.


Day 12: Back to Work! – Tilt Shift of the Boston Harbor and Greenway.


Day 13: Reflections of the Intercontinental Hotel.


Day 14: You Are The Fire That Keeps Me Warm At Night (aka my space heater haha)


Day 15: Boston Fire Crane (It’s nice having a fire station the next building over!)

BONUS SHOTS! (Here are some other shots that I took, but didn’t make the cut, but are still cool!)




Why I love the idea of a 365 Project: The one thing that photography does for me more importantly is keep my memories of what I’ve done, where I’ve been, and what I’ve experienced alive. My memory is terrible due to several concussions in high school so I will forget many things that I do and experience. All it takes is a photo to bring back those memories and feelings which is great, because not being able to remember many things in detail from initial memory is kind of a bummer. Most of the time, it just takes a trigger or several, and photography is my saving trigger. 🙂


Starting a 365 iPhone Project…From Behind…


I may have to extend this little project until January 6, 2016 (ah!). Is that allowed? Well, technically it’s MY project, right? So I am making the rules, yeah!

Rule #1: There is no judgement in the 365 iPhone Project. I am simply making a commitment to get out there everyday and try to photograph something interesting or something ordinary in an interesting way. 😀

Rule #2: I won’t post everyday, although I might, but I’m thinking I take a photo everyday with my iPhone, and then post a weeks worth on my website, all at once. I like this rule making business! besides, I don’t want to annoy the heck out of the very small number of people who may be reading this. Hi Mom! 🙂

Rule #3: Have fun and get creative (aka, download as many free camera and photo editing apps as I can find on the app store) haha, just kidding….but really.

Now let’s see how far I get…Has anyone ever finished one of these projects?