Waking with the Sun




Yawning and Stretching…



Swinging feet over edge of bed…




and Boom-sha-ka-la-ka! Your Awake! (bonus points to anyone who knows from whom I got the boomhakalaka 😉 ) hint hint: he is famous…and has an inclination towards awesome phrases like that.


And that, ladies and gents, is exactly how the sun gets up in the morning. See, he/she/it is just like the rest of us. 🙂 Only about an uncountable number of degrees hotter.


This is a short post, I never have many words for a sunrise. It always seems to take my words away. I seem to just stare at the scene and feel quiet, peace. Even after the fact when I am sitting at my computer sifting through my raw shots.

I will say that you can see this very sunrise if you get your sleepy self to Drew Lake, NH before dawn. Wear something bright orange if you go during hunting season though!



Published by

Molly Kate

Hi there! I am a Boston based photographer who loves to photograph different people, places, and things all across the world. Meeting and learning about other people and cultures enraptures my attention like nothing else and in this I find the joy of life. Connection. Connection with others, with places, with the energy of the world! This is what drives me to photograph, to capture a small piece of my experiences to remember them by and share. Cheers!

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