Double Trouble at Nubble

Well, this title pretty much sums the whole photoshoot here!


Β Double Trouble at the Nubble. It was rainy as all get out and my handy dandy photo assistant (aka my mom) (hehe) was being ever so wonderful and holding a gigantic umbrella over me while I shot and tried not to fall into the ocean. Seriously, you could go swimming in this umbrella if you flipped it and added water πŸ™‚ Moving on…First things First, let me introduce to you our star of the day, the Nubble Lighthouse! Its real name is actually the Cape Neddick Lighthouse. The “Nubble” name came from the piece of land the lighthouse was built on being called a “Nub” (of land)……haha.

This is located in York, ME should you ever make a trip up here. There is also a super cute ice cream/seafood shack/house right next to the parking lot, but it can get pretty crowded in the summer. You may have to mention to make sure the hot fudge is HOT, because apparently it does not automatically come that way anymore πŸ˜‰


So my pants might have been wet, my knees were definitely sore, and my mom was SO over holding the umbrella for me but I GOT MY SHOT! πŸ™‚ worth every second…


Β AND…Only a short drive away….Ogunquit, ME! This Maine fisherman’s town is charming, beautiful, and you will smell like fish after (haha don’t worry, it’s only if you go near the fish drop off).

There is a walk/path that wraps around the beaches and rocky shores called Marginal Way. Bring your walking shoes!! It’s incredible during the sunrise.


For eating options….hmmm…that’s a hard one….uhh…umm…the LOBSTER!!… (It’s MAINE! It’s what they are famous for and come on, how can you get anything else when that juicy red crustacean looking so fine is calling your name?!)








This beach is one of the coolest I have ever been to because (a) its a seascape photographer’s dream and (b) there are so many nooks and crannies that you can hop (climb) down into or climb up onto and get some really great shots! Its a great place to be during the off season (well really any season for that matter) for the glorious sunrises (unless its rainy and cloudy, which it was the day I took these…sigh…).




Be careful where you step! Your toes might just get pinched by this guy πŸ™‚ Β I’m only kidding, this was the sweetest crab I have ever met. Of course it looked like the gulls also thought the same thing, only they weren’t thinking about his temperament….




Β Maine is a wonderful place to photograph. The beaches and shores are some of my favorites I have ever been to. It’s all charming, relaxing, and refreshing! I’ve spent a lot of time here, only live about 45 minutes away and coming up in the summers. If you ever come here, Don’t forget to get some LOBSTA! πŸ˜‰



Super – Super – Moon

I took these awhile back when we had the largest super moon of the year! I chose the Scituate Lighthouse in MA because I thought I would get some super sweet shots of the moon with the lighthouse in the frame.

That’s when I realized I should have brought a super-zoom… πŸ™‚

So, lesson-learned, but I did get some cool shots of the location!


supermoon supermoonfinalbest supermoon-13 supermoon-12 supermoon-11

The Dragon’s Tailsupermoon-9 supermoon-8 supermoon-7 supermoon-6 supermoon-2


Southie Sunset :)

I discovered a great Boston sunset view from Southie’s castle island last week! It’s very peaceful if you can block out the children’s screams from the playground, the planes flying in overhead every five minutes, and loud conversations from passer-bys πŸ™‚


I just recently purchased a Fuji X-E1 after breaking-up with my Fuji x100s…things just weren’t working out with that camera (I think I had a factory dud) 😦 and this was my first time getting comfortable with this camera. I love the feel of it! It sounds great too πŸ™‚ But more importantly, the images it takes, look great! I’m no processing wiz, I am actually a super newbie, but It doesn’t take much to make these images look decent πŸ™‚

southiesunset-2 southiesunset-6

Part of the dock next to castle island. Experimented with some long exposure shots here πŸ™‚
southiesunset-4The sky was pretty awesome and made for a sweet ending to a great night!

The Forgotten Dock

The Hull-2


An old (abandoned?) dock, where it looks like they used to launch boats into the Harbor, was pretty cool to find and wander around in (and of course take picture of!) The first day it was really warm in Boston and of course it had to rain, but it held off until after I got in the car to drive home from The Hull! There was this windmill right next to a high school baseball field, right next to the water, I wonder how many baseballs lie on the bottom of that area of the harbor….:)
The WindMill

And of course, as I find everywhere I go on beaches….trash (sigh)… When can we learn to take care of these places?
The Trash The forgotten dock The Hull Solitude


Till next post, Buonasera!, ciao! (I’m practicing my italian as I am going to travel there this summer, can’t wait to share those pictures!!!!)