Fearsome Flow

Β Best Waterfalls of New Hampshire

Waterfall #1: Location: Top Secret πŸ˜‰


Ha! Just kidding, what kind of travel blogographer won’t tell people where she goes? Anyways – It’s Garwin Falls, in Wilton, NH!!

In one weekend, I visited two amazing waterfalls in New Hampshire. To me, waterfalls are calming, peaceful, and often strike a sense of wonder in me. Water is the source of life and I think about how much we depend on it to survive. Heck our body is mostly water! When I was a kid, I used to think those drawings of how much water we were made of were actually real. The ones where they draw the water coming up to your chest….yeah…It’s weird to think as a kid we believe certain things until we are told what we are supposed to believe/what is real…

Anyways, its hard to think that something we depend on so much to survive is also polluted so much by us. And we don’t give a second thought to it most of the time. We live on water, yet we are slowly dirtying our life source with our garbage, fuel, chemicals, and many other things. I’m certainly guilty of that! BUT I try to be better and if everyone would just TRY, think where we would be…




This is another really cool spot on this same location. As you walk down the path before you get to the falls, you will see a dam-cement structure. It has been visited by colorful graffiti artists many many times by the looks of it. My mother almost left me here because I took so long shooting it πŸ™‚ Hmm, thinking how nice it would be to Jedi-mind trick someone into being less bored while waiting for me to take photos πŸ˜‰


Waterfall #2: Gleason Falls

This lovely old bridge and falls were so amazing because of the spots of sunlight coming through the thick tree cover. It’s more dramatic in person, as everything always is! These falls are also SO forceful. Its amazing how much water comes under this bridge per second. It looks tame now because I used a long exposure technique to get this shot below, but in person, its a sight to behold! The power of these things are so hard to capture!




This shot above is such a dear little bridge, I couldn’t help myself. AND its right down the road from Gleason Falls! talk about two birds and one stone πŸ˜‰ I jumped out of the car and had about three minutes to shoot this location. Being pressed for time sure does make you think, do I have everything right?, before you press that shutter button for the long exposure and hear from behind you, “Hey, come-on we gotta go!”

That’s all for now, folks! Look for my next awesome NH location story coming next week!






Memories from Montreal

montreal-18I decided to make my way north for a (too) short one week vacation away from numbers and excel spreadsheets and computers. Our first stop: Montreal!Β  (The Old Port) Next Stop: Six Flags and the Casino! πŸ™‚

I’m not exactly sure why this guy was wearing a creepy mask in the middle of the street but it definitely caught my attention so I snapped away!


This was a scene that still makes me wonder what was going on? This singular woman in the white dress with her bike and this group of girls in athletic wear. I have no idea what was going on or why they were positioned like this, which is probably why I like this photo so much, because I can’t figure it out!montreal-7

Curiosity killed the wanderer?montreal-8 montreal-11Β  I want to play! If you walk along St. Catherine’s (Rue Ste-Catherine), you come to a pedestrian only part of the road where they have all of these really cool almost life-sized chess games you can play. Unfortunately, they were all occupied…montreal-20 montreal-21

I keep re-writing what I want to say about this photo below. But then I don’t think it needs an explanation. πŸ™‚montreal

montreal-25 montreal-23This sign plastered on this police car was one of dozens. There were three cop cars right in a row, that had these signed all over them…

montreal-16 montreal-9Montreal was without a doubt my favorite part of the trip. We headed up to Quebec City next – stay tuned!