Memories from Montreal

montreal-18I decided to make my way north for a (too) short one week vacation away from numbers and excel spreadsheets and computers. Our first stop: Montreal!  (The Old Port) Next Stop: Six Flags and the Casino! 🙂

I’m not exactly sure why this guy was wearing a creepy mask in the middle of the street but it definitely caught my attention so I snapped away!


This was a scene that still makes me wonder what was going on? This singular woman in the white dress with her bike and this group of girls in athletic wear. I have no idea what was going on or why they were positioned like this, which is probably why I like this photo so much, because I can’t figure it out!montreal-7

Curiosity killed the wanderer?montreal-8 montreal-11  I want to play! If you walk along St. Catherine’s (Rue Ste-Catherine), you come to a pedestrian only part of the road where they have all of these really cool almost life-sized chess games you can play. Unfortunately, they were all occupied…montreal-20 montreal-21

I keep re-writing what I want to say about this photo below. But then I don’t think it needs an explanation. 🙂montreal

montreal-25 montreal-23This sign plastered on this police car was one of dozens. There were three cop cars right in a row, that had these signed all over them…

montreal-16 montreal-9Montreal was without a doubt my favorite part of the trip. We headed up to Quebec City next – stay tuned!


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Molly Kate

Hi there! I am a Boston based photographer who loves to photograph different people, places, and things all across the world. Meeting and learning about other people and cultures enraptures my attention like nothing else and in this I find the joy of life. Connection. Connection with others, with places, with the energy of the world! This is what drives me to photograph, to capture a small piece of my experiences to remember them by and share. Cheers!

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