Super – Super – Moon

I took these awhile back when we had the largest super moon of the year! I chose the Scituate Lighthouse in MA because I thought I would get some super sweet shots of the moon with the lighthouse in the frame.

That’s when I realized I should have brought a super-zoom… šŸ™‚

So, lesson-learned, but I did get some cool shots of the location!


supermoon supermoonfinalbest supermoon-13 supermoon-12 supermoon-11

The Dragon’s Tailsupermoon-9 supermoon-8 supermoon-7 supermoon-6 supermoon-2



Published by

Molly Kate

Hi there! I am a Boston based photographer who loves to photograph different people, places, and things all across the world. Meeting and learning about other people and cultures enraptures my attention like nothing else and in this I find the joy of life. Connection. Connection with others, with places, with the energy of the world! This is what drives me to photograph, to capture a small piece of my experiences to remember them by and share. Cheers!

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